ABCHI Club is engineered to recognize & reward the BEST of the BEST on our team! It is specifically for those with a hunger and drive to overachieve. Purposefully designed so all active Inspectors (Franchise Owner & Sub-Franchisee) are eligible to qualify.

Launching & growing an ABCHI business that operates at the caliber “Club" members operate is no easy task. It takes serious focus, passion and sometimes sacrifice. Equally important to recognizing the winner, ABCHI Club includes the qualifying Inspector and their guest. 

Be a part of THE CLUB!

2023 WINNERS will include:

  • Top 2: British Columbia
  • Top 2: Ontario
  • Top 2: Atlantic
  • + Top 3 - Stack Ranked
  • + 1x Rookie of the Year
  • + 1x Wildcard

Auto Qualification:

  •  Achieve Top Awards - President’s Club for the full year ranking, in the qualifying year.

Qualification and contest rules:

  • Qualifying period: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023
  • Winners determined on or before January 15, 2024.
  • All qualification data will use ISN revenue reports.
  • Qualifying revenue based on individual achievement. 
  • Participating regions: British Columbia, Ontario & Atlantic (NB, NS, PEI & NL).
  • All Inspectors (Franchise Owner and Sub-Franchisee) may qualify. 
  • Top 2 per Region: 6x total by annual personal revenue within the qualifying period.
  • Stack Ranked: Top 3x by revenue after the Top 2 from each region is awarded.
  • Rookie of Year: Top 1x by revenue in their first full qualifying year.
  • Wildcard: ABCHI Rising Star. Top revenue increase by percentage year over year for the qualifying year. Minimum $130K in revenue and in year two or more (2+) in operation.
  • Auto Qualification: Achieve Top Awards - President’s Club ranking for the year ($252,000+) for the qualifying year. 
  • Each winner spot includes an invitation for one guest with all entitlements. 
  • All attendees, including guest must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Should a winner decline their invitation they are forfeiting the travel award but will still be recognized as an “ABCHI Club Winner”. There is no alternative prize or substitution.  The next qualifying individual will receive an invitation to join the travel incentive & become an ABCHI Club winner.
  • Contest details and qualification are subject to change.
  • ABCHI Club winners must be meeting the conditions of their Franchise/Sub-Franchise agreement. Their agreement must be active and the Inspector must be in good standing through the qualifying period, to award, up to and during the ABCHI Club incentive trip.